Professional Partnerships

We pride ourselves on delivering the most professional, controlled and detailed construction process.

How we build is equally as important as what we build.



Our Approach
  • We commit significant resources at the pre-construction stage to fully understand the scheme, the client’s priorities and the key construction challenges Delcon will need to overcome.

    This approach ensures our proposal is deliverable from the outset and we then work closely with professional teams to help develop pre-construction information into final plans. Only by working together are we able to deliver successful projects.

  • Delcon employ modern information management and file sharing tools to ensure that all critical project information is easily available to all authorised stakeholders.

    Our dashboards ensure decision makers know exactly what is required of them and by when.

  • We take a collaborative approach to our project management and work proactively with the design team to overcome the many challenges presented by ambitious design concepts delivered in the most exclusive neighbourhoods of one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

  • We use our expertise to provide clear construction options that are substantiated with all the information necessary for the professional team to make informed and timely decisions.  We tirelessly strive to find optimal solutions to the most challenging of design requirements.

  • We resource our projects with the site and off-site personnel required to control every element of procurement and production.  Our Project Directors are dedicated to a maximum of two projects and are largely site based along with our Project Managers and Site Managers.

    We know what is required from our exclusive and trusted supply chain to deliver unrivalled quality and we work closely with them every day to ensure our standards are always achieved.

    We take a very simple approach to quality control “if it isn’t right then it is wrong”.

Professionals we have partnered with

Delcon has 35 years of experience specialising in residential, retail and arts & galleries schemes in and around London

Delivering on the challenging design concepts demanded by the highly bespoke projects we undertake